Minor Girl goes through Liver Transplantation Operation at Bahria Town Hospital

One of the most renowned Bahria Town Children’s Hospital and Organ Transplant Centre, Lahore, has recently conducted the first ever successful pediatric liver transplant operation on a three-year-old girl.

As per the details released by the hospital on Tuesday, the child was suffering from a liver disease since birth, and her mother then donated her piece of liver in order to save her daughter’s life. The operation was conducted by a team of doctors, led by pediatric liver and kidney transplant surgeon Dr Khalid Sharif and including Dr Faisal Hanif, Prof Dr Huma Arshad Cheema, undertaken as a complex operation, which lasted for more than 10 hours. Overall, a team of 62 members with medical and paramedical staff together conducted the same operation. Malik Riaz Hussain and Ahmed Ali Riaz, who comes as the Chairman and CEO of Bahria town respectively, have lauded this achievement by the Bahria town hospital.

Luckily, both the child patient and her donor mother are currently in a stable condition, and now been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This successful operation has put the basis forward of liver transplant surgery at Bahria Town International Hospital Orchard, Lahore, which comes as the most advanced pediatric hospital with all the state of the art facilities. The hospital comes along with all the required facilities like 24/7 emergency services, pediatric kidney and liver transplant surgeries, 24 x 7 pediatric ICU and diagnostic and treatment services for all child-related diseases and health ailments. Moreover, a core team of specialized doctors and surgeons is continuously taking care of all the kidney and liver transplant surgeries on adult patients within the hospital ever since it established.


An Overview of Safari Villas by Bahria Town

Project Attraction: Modern Enclave Community Culture

Project Type: Turnkey Residential Housing Unit based Master Planned Community themed around Trafalgar Square

Unit Type: Villa’s available in different sizes (125 Sq. Yards, 175 Square Yards, 200 Square Yards, 250 Square Yards, 300 Square Yards)

Available: Residential Villas in sizes (250 Square Yards, 500 Square Yards)

Project Status: All the houses have been completed and occupied and all the occupant families are currently enjoying the amenities provided by Bahria Town.

Location: In the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, next to Sector B

Bringing in the best housing projects and schemes for the people of Pakistan was always one of the topmost priorities of Malik Rriaz Hussain. This is where he has come up with the Safari villas which have set the bar of International standard living style for the people of Pakistan. So if you have ever wished for buying your own house and imagined it to be a piece of art located around a theme park it’s time to realize your dream at Safari Villas Lahore.

It can truly be quoted as a piece of modern architecture where the curative use of interior colors, therapeutic internal layout comes along with a grand entrance and this is what Safari Villas are all about.

Housed in a fort-type court yard, equipped with a thematic central garden along with animal sanctuaries, sprinkling fountains, replica of the famous exotic London’s Trafalgar Square, these Safari Villas certainly comes with a royal touch at the Bahria Town.

You can further get all the services right at a clap range which will certainly make your feel truly enriched in the helm of the location. There are other spots which are located nearby the main location like Safari Mart, Commercial Area, Mosque, Transport Service, Security & the maintenance wing.

Irrespective of their sizes, each of the Safari Villa comes along with the best fixtures and fittings with perfect finishing.  All in all, you will be getting the most elegant living standards at most affordable prices. The structure rightly brings along the vision of Malik Riaz Hussain into the real picture.


  • Designed around a central park reminiscent of London’s Trafalgar Square
  • Gated Community
  • Finest Quality Finishes
  • Safari Mall
  • Qurtaba Mosque
  • Zoo

Shared Facilities

  • School
  • Hospital
  • PTCL Exchange
  • Community Club Depilex Saloon for Males & Females
  • Cinema

Main Villa Features:

  • All the safari villas are available in multiple designs and different sizes
  • Each of the Villas comes along with High Quality finishes
  • All of the buildings bring along the most Innovative color schemes
  • Kitchen fitted with designer cabinetry and complete appliance collection, including refrigerator & oven, Varioline fittings in 250 Sq Yard houses.
  • The structures comes along with a Built- in wardrobes within all bedrooms  that certainly makes it perfect for a simple and elegant storage solution.
  • En-suite bathroom in master bedroom
  • Most elegant Balconies and terraces
  • Contemporary design in each of the Safari villas
  • Usage of Imported tiles & glass vanities in every building
  • Imported bathroom fittings & accessories

Bahria Town Civic Centre: the Commercial hub for all the aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bahria Town Civic center can certainly be quoted as one of the most multidimensional projects undertaken by Bahria town till date. Quite convincingly, the location comes as an ultimate place for generating profits as this is the place where all the communities of Bahria town will surge for all their commercial needs. Moreover, Bahria Town Phases 1-5 are positioned around the Civic Centre and this comes as an additional benefit for all the residents and business owners at the same time. Not only is the location clearly visible from all the phases, all the roads around also leads right to the main location of this commercial hub. On the other side, the night view is quite amazing coming along with shimmering lights and this is something which will eventually attract most of the families coming for a perfect leisurely shopping experience. The Project comes as a dream come true for the CEO Ahmed Ali riaz and Chairman Malik Riaz hussain.

Project Attraction: Premier Location – Big Business Opportunity

Project Type: Commercial

Unit Type: Plots in different sizes 125 Sq yards, 175 Sq yards, 250 Sq yards, 500 Sq yards

Available: All sold out

Project Status: Development work completed.

Launch: 2006


The project location comes in the heart of Bahria Town, at various junctions of Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Its main location comes at the junction of the four main boulevards within Bahria Town and directly connected to the famous GT Road by the Malik Ashiq Hussain Bridge.

If we talk about the other major entertainment centers within the Bahria Town, it includes a Mini Golf Course, Opera Theatre, Mini Formula One racing track, Parks and Zoo.

The main highlights of the Bahria town civic centre

  • Ideally located commercial plots
  • Ample Parking space available
  • Pre-approved architectural maps available from the Design Studio
  • Bus terminal
  • Public
  • Fuel station
  • Mosque
  • Large green areas & Parks

Thousands thanked Malik Riaz Hussain on his offering towards the Conclusion of the Court Case

Huge number of overseas Pakistanis and their families are jubilant after hearing SC’s decision to go by the Bahria Town’s offer to pay Rs 450 billion. Thousands of Pakistanis, both living in the country and abroad, have poured in their wishes for the Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz Hussain for a quick resolution of the ongoing issue.

There were a big number of real estate agents, builders and property business executives, who were involved within the same along with the various allottees across Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. All of them are now relieved by SC order as their investment is now seems like going in safe hands and this is why they all have congratulated the Bahria Town chairman Malik riaz. The Supreme Court’s order has further rejuvenated the hopes and wishes of thousands of people and industries connected with the construction business in the country.

Malik Riaz has always been a noble hearted person and never stayed away from helping people in whatsoever ways. Moreover, it can be credited to his humble background where he got to work as a military contractor quite early in life.  There was a time when he got to sell his household stuff in order to get his daughter treated at the Holy Family Hospital. He has always been a famous philanthroper who never stayed back whilst spending billions of rupees in charity, free treatment and food to help and support thousands of orphans, widows and the old people. Malik always gives the reference of Holy Quran which states that the Lord Almighty gives 70 fold to all those who help the underprivileged people. Malik Riaz says that in his case, the Lord Almighty has been so merciful that he has been provided with 700 fold of his contributions towards the poor people. He further quoted that he started doing the charity work ever since he didn’t have the required means. “Whatever I spent to help is not mine, it is the Lord’s blessing,” Malik states.

Malik Riaz Hussain founded Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, whilst providing lakhs of people with the state of the art standards of living. This was then followed by the commencement of  Bahria Town projects in Lahore and Karachi which attracted huge investments afterwards.

If we look into the Bahria town Karachi, the Bahria Town is currently indulged in building the third largest mosque in the world after Khana-e-Ka’aba and Masjid-e-Nabvi ( SAW) and the same is costing billions of rupees in the process. In the same manner, Bahria Grand Mosque at Lahore comesa as the one of the most exquisite marvel that can accommodate more people than the Faisal Mosque, Islamabad and Badshahi Masjid, Lahore combined. All of these mosques bring up the most exceptional architectural designs whilst showcasing artistic impressions of the Muslim world’s glories. Moreover, all of them are fully air conditioned and the Bahria town also bears all the expenses of Iftar and Taraweeh during Ramadan.

All those people who are living in the various Bahria projects around the country will be supplied with in-house water treatment facility. Their residence comes along with state-of-the-art safety and security systems and there are dedicated fire brigade units which are available at their service round the clock at the Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi projects. Moreover, all of these firefighters service will be available at free of cost across all the cities. On Thursday, Malik Riaz thanked all of his clients, investors and well-wishers after the conclusion of the supreme court case.

Act in Favor of Prisoner’s Welfare by Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain whilst being asia’s largest real estate developer has always been on the front end of offering all the morale and financial help to the welfare projects of the jail and the including prisoners. There is more than 30 Million PKR, which has been paid to the prisoners of various jails in order to get them released .It must be mentioned that all these prisoners have been detained simply because of the nonpayment of random fines levied to them by the respective authorities around.

There have been certain prisoners which have been released out of death sentence with mutual understanding by two parties and the efforts for the same have been initiated by Malik Riaz only. There have been numerous general contributions’ which have been done for various health related problems and poor financial status of the prisoners.

Certain items worth 10 Million have been gifted for the overall development of the jail area which includes kitchen, waiting lounge and store cells. Other kind of donations which have been out through by Malik riaz Hussain includes financials help for the TB patients, instant cash payments prisoners in need, clothing provisions for them and their families, sumptuous Iftar facilities to over 3000 persons in Adiyala Jail along with many other charities. All of these initiatives and programmes have helped in a big way to promote the growth and rehabilitation of all the prisoners in the jails and ensured in their development as a responsible citizen of the society.

Health initiatives by Malik Riaz for the betterment of the humanity

Water food and medical facilities are always been considered as three of the basic rights for every human round but unluckily, countries like Pakistan lacks basic infrastructure to accommodate all these facilities for its people. Not only there are very less public hospitals around, there is a big shortage of even the private clinics in the process. This is where the common man gets confronted with the pathetic situation without any basic medical services on requirement.

Malik Riaz, who is the chairman and founder of the Bahria town, has come forward to help all the needy people whilst providing all the general health services without any charge. He has further initiated a social welfare system in order to help the under privileged class of people with all the required medical services. One of those includes the mobile medical teams which go to the areas of the poor sections and help them with all the required medicine and basic health facilities. The teams further includes trained doctors, lady doctors and attendants and they have also made dedicated mobile hospitals in zones like  Muzzafargarh, Rajanpur, Jacobabad, Sukkur, Ghotki, Kishmore, Mianwali, Akora Khattak, Diara deen and Layyah. There is also a fully equipped medical aid camp in Risalpur in the same regards

Moreover, Malik Riaz has further announced bigger plans in the same direction with the establishment of Swabi camp where funds amounting to Rs 8 Million has been provided to serve 40,000 patients .Patients which were suffering from diabetes, hyper tension, tuberculosis, flu and fever are all getting treated with sheer care and professionalism. On the other side, Medicines and ambulances are available round the clock to support and to assist these patients. There was another medical mission which is been ready with all the required facilities like mobile medical unit, doctors and paramedical staff and got sent to Tharparkar for six months. The medical unit carried ECG, ultra sound machines, examination laboratory and dispensary alongside in order to manage all type of situations and emergencies.

Apart from all these general medical facilities, a big chain of state of the art hospitals have been established in Pakistan. All of them have been equipped with the most advanced machinery along with most knowledgeable doctors. Already three units have been operational in Rawalpindi and Lahore regions and Mr Malik Riaz wil be providing around.7 Million per month for the proper functioning of all these hospitals. So far, around Rs200 Million has been spent on the treatment of patients and free medical treatment and assistance is been provided to all the poor people around. Quite Recently 40 children suffering from hearing impairment have been provided free of charge treatment with around 17 to 18 thousand dollars spent on each child. One of the most advanced treatments which are available in the facility includes Renal transplant, Bone marrow transplant, Open Heart surgery, Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy and Dialysis facilities .On the other side, a conference of top cardiac surgeons was been organized to facilitate research and growth in the field of cardiothoracic and vascular diseases.

Malik Riaz Hussain – Fund For the Pakistani Common Man (An Open Letter)

Respected Sir/Madam

May God’s mercy and peace be upon us all. God Almighty has bestowed upon me the honor of being one of the most successful businessmen in Pakistan. I feel no shame in admitting that my name, identity, and that of Bahria Town wouldn’t exist without Pakistan, and it’s all thanks to the grace of Almighty God and our beloved nation. We have enjoyed the bounties of our country for generations, and today at the age of 62, I feel I am indebted to our country and its people. If I am unable to repay this debt, on the Judgment Day I will stand before the Almighty as the accused, and with no defense. He provided for us plentifully, and we must show gratitude by being compassionate to others.

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